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Use Oddy Ecobake for packing tiffin for kids

For packing tiffin for kids, it becomes easy for to wrap in Oddy Ecobake. Packing in Oddy Ecobake keeps the food fresh and hot for longer hours. Packed food does not get soggy and is a convenient option. You can directly give this packed in Oddy Ecobake or put it in a tiffin after packed with Oddy Ecobake. It is also Eco-friendly and healthy which is safe for kids.

Oddy Ecobake is reusable and hence can be used multiple times. Make Oddy Ecobake a choice for storing and pacing foods for you kids. You can use Oddy Ecobake to store food in refrigerator, reheat food in microwave, tawa or Air fryer. Use Oddy Ecobake for a safe and healthy lifestyle

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